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Boxing is one of the world's oldest combat sports. It is usually held in a ring and two boxers (people who fight in boxing fights) wear special gloves and try to hit one another.

There are a few different ways to win in boxing. One is by a way of a knockout, which is when a fighter is knocked to the ground and cannot get back up within ten seconds. Another way is by a technical knockout, which is when the fighter can not continue fighting or the referee stops the fight. Another possibility is winning on points, which a boxer gets by outboxing his or her opponent by hitting the opponent more often, harder, and more accurately. There are also draws in boxing. What in other sports are called "tie" in boxing it's called "draw". A referee can announce a technical draw due to an accidental cut or an accidental wound like a headbutt. Generally, it is considered a "no contest" (NC). However, from the second round, or four in some fights, if the score cards for both fighters are equal, the fight could be called a draw. Boxing is very popular around the world. It is a way to defeat your enemy by physical force.

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Professional boxing bout featuring Ricardo Domínguez versus Rafael Ortiz

I think that boxing and general combat sports should definitely not be banned, like other users have said, it would perhaps remove it somewhat from its current presence in society, although there would definitely remain pockets and underground activities still present. When we leave it legal, at least it gives us the chance to observe and examine it, and intervene and have our influence over it.

Perhaps since boxing and all forms of fighting have been around so long, we have a deeper connection to it than we think ? I mean we've been fighting amongst each other throughout the entire history of humanity, a natural born warrior species, were programmed to fight, its an instinct. Choosing to engage physically is certainly a dominate, rational strategy our ancestors would have taken, given the fact that their conditions were so harsh, it certainly was fight for your life.

To those who have trained in combat sports, as I have done for over 5 years, it can be a deeply rewarding experience, it feels absolutely amazing as well, pushing your body to its limits, overcoming fear and doubt, developing yourself as a competitor and taking part in the dance of the fight. The draw is understandable for an individual, living in the world that we do, being given a set of genes and DNA sequences and this social climate, it seems clear why fighting has evolved. Fighting sports are some of the most dynamic and physically demanding type of sports known to man.

However having trained in combats I realise and have seen first hand the symptoms most participants eventually develop.I mean, your getting thumped all over your body repeatedly until you can literally not take it anymore, many of your delicate organs which carry out the necessary life functions and being destroyed via sheer force. Is it something we should be encouraging our children and young people to do ?

I think that people should have the right to enter the sport, and that fighting gyms should be forced by law, to operate in a way which minimises the risk to fighters when training and competing. However I think that all people wanting to become a fighter must be given all the facts about it, things like the probability with which a fighter will develop brain problems compared with a non fighter, numbers of broken retenas etc all informed by the latest research on it.

Boxing gyms should also screen the people who want to become members, training should not be given to individuals who exhibit, reckless, inconsiderate behaviours, fighting gives people a weapon, their own limbs, and this can and does get used in the public domain.

Fighting sports should be conducted in a certain way, they should be taught as a means of self defence only, as a way to prevent further calamity, never to be used as a way of doing wrong, necessary harm to others. Create ethical fighters who accept the roles and responsibilities which are attached to fighting.

In my life, after having a brief amateur career, I decided to take a step back, use it as something to keep my fitness up as well as being apart of a gym social group, but to refrain from competing full contact. I even avoid sparring for the most part although I occasionally get sucked in. I would recommend BJJ as the best to join, it has many of the health benefits without the head and organ damage,

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