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INTRODUCTION The American University of Sharjah (AUS) is a non-profit, coeducational American style institution of higher education. It was established and is funded by His Highness, Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, member of supreme council and ruler of Sharjah. The university that began operations in 1997 currently has facilities designed to accommodate 4000 undergraduate level students. The current strength of students of the university is roughly around 2300.

And the school of business has the highest number of enrollments with around 700 students. STATEMENT OF PROBLEM With the student population growing at an increasing rate at the university the satisfaction level of students using the car park facility has decreased. Students claim that there is insufficient parking space and the feedback received about the new sticker system being implemented is very negative. Many a times students have to wait for 5 to 6 minutes before they find a parking lot and as a last attempt are forced to park very far away from their respective buildings where they have classes. Often enough these 5 to 6 minutes make determine whether a student is recorded late or on time for class.

Also at times students are forced to park their cars in no parking zones to avoid being late for class at the expense of having to pay parking violation fines. As of now the parking problem remains as a concern to most of the users who use the various parking lots. ON two occasions articles were published in the AUS student magazine describing the dissatisfaction of students with the current parking system. As a result we decided to further investigate the problem in a more detailed manner to help solve matters. PURPOSE To identify the problems students face with the parking facility at the AUS. After identifying the problems our main objectives were to determine the causes of the problems and to recommend possible solutions to improve the overall satisfaction level of students who use the car park facility.

METHODOLOGY In preparing this report we basically used three methods. They are as follows: - 1 -) SURVEY: - we conducted a survey among students who use the car parking facility at AUS by using questionnaires. Details of the survey methodology are as follows: a. ) Sample of 120 students was taken. b. ) We got 30 students from 4 different car parks in the college to fill the questionnaire.

c. ) Students were asked various questions to determine the problems they face with the parking facility. They were also asked to provide solutions and other views on how to improve the parking facility at AUS. 2 -) DIRECT OBSERVATION: - this method was used to investigate the situation of the car parks during the peak hours. For one week we took turns and checked the parking situation every hour from 8: 00 am to 1: 00 am. The man idea here was to find the exact nature of the problem being described by students. We tried to find answers to two basic questions a. ) Is there a problem in all the parking lots or in specific parking lots? b. ) At what times of the day and on what days of the week does the problem exist?

c. ) Is the sticker system being enforced properly and to determine its effectiveness. (Physical verification). 3. ) Direct interviews: we interviewed Mr. Ahmad Yousuf (security officer), Mark Kirchner (physical plan designer) and Saeed Montana to get vital information which could help us understand the various constraints on the possible solutions in solving the parking problem. We seemed to gather information on the following: a. ) Possible expansion spaces in existing car parks and also potential new spaces for car parks. b. ) Cost of expansion and also if getting necessary funds are a problem to expansion. c. ) Vital information regarding the existing parking system was also gathered.

STICKER SYSTEM Each of the parking lots are assigned colors and students were given one colored car sticker each which would permit them to park in the allotted lot. Students were given these stickers on a first come first served basis. Students who were unaware of the new system had no option but to choose a parking lot that was undesirable to them. Those who violate this law by parking in another lot are subject to a DH. 50 fine that could be doubled on repeated offences and a final measure the student could be barred form bringing his vehicle to college. However currently this system has been dropped due to a lack of improper implementation and much confusion exists about the current parking rules. Future parking plans involves introducing a proximity service that would let only the permitted cars to enter into a particular lot.

We couldnt gather information as to how this system would work but it would be along the same lines as the sticker system. The only difference in the new system would be that implementation would be easier. Since manual verification would be unnecessary. IT would work like a bar code automatic system.

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Introduction Overview of the problem : Parking is an issue that large cities, populated areas, and many large universities face. Clemson University lacks the parking infrastructure to adequately accommodate all faculty, staff, and students. Solution : To provide adequate parking for everyone commuting to Clemson University Campus there will be a four story parking garage built in the Sirrine parking lot. Need : Clemson University was just named the school with the “happiest students” by the Princeton Review. If they would like to keep their students happy as well as their faculty they need to provide adequate parking. Benefits : If Clemson University does build this parking garage it will provide a stress free commute for everyone commuting to campus. This will also improve campus life. It will allow students and faculty more time in the classroom which allow Clemson University to reach the top- 20 status they striving for. Problem Statement Problem : Parking problems at Clemson University Problem Statement :   Clemson University strives to offer convenient, abundant, and easy parking to all members of the Clemson community. However, because of the growing population of the campus, we must explore new options that can satisfy the parking problem. Therefore, our goal is to build a four level parking garage in the Sirrine (E-4) parking lot for both faculty and commuters. Why the problem happens : Clemson University is a growing college town. The amount of people needing to park is much greater than the parking spots available to the Clemson community. Who is affected by the problem ? As a whole, the Clemson community will be affected by the parking problem on campus. The main community members affected are faculty, commuters, staff and on campus students. Why the problem is significant :

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