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While some may consider paradise an otherworldly place where all one’s dreams and desires are fulfilled, I have a very different, more earthly view, on the matter. My vision of paradise has no singing angels and no endless amounts of whatever. The Governor’s Palace in Colonial Williamsburg contains several acres of ornate gardens and a small canal. On one end of the canal is a wooden bridge with crackled and peeling paint, and almost expected is the bench that is built into the side of that bridge. Here, sitting in this bench, I am at peace.

I sit and watch the ripples of heat rise from the crushed seashell paths on either side of the canal and smell the scent of grass that has been covered in dew not a scant time earlier, but now bakes in the August sun. The welcome shadows from the weeping willows to both sides of me and the gentle caress of the cool breeze seem to be silent approval at my choice of sitting here.

A cicada buzzes in a tree nearby, almost in tune with the song of a fiddler somewhere to the south. As I listen, bubbles in the canal appear and I stand to see what they are, as a turtle’s old gray-green head pokes out of the murky water to stare at me as I do of him. Apparently uninterested in me, he dives again and the trail of bubbles begins anew.

Again I sit, as still as before, in respect for the silence, yes, but also for fear of splinters from the patches of roughened wood those countless visitors have caused. They too have sat here, but are forgotten. Now, at this time, it is my bench. I own it for now, and will always own it in my mind.

Too, I own the memory evoking smell of the boxwood hedges that line the very edges of the canal.

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A scent impossible to describe, I do not even make an attempt, lest I offend that wonderful odor. It tempts me every time I walk down the path to my bench. The scent refreshes weary feet and muscles to make the end of a long day not so bad indeed.

It seems I have lied in the beginning paragraph. There are endless amounts of something there, at my bench, vast quantities of semi-silence, of relaxation, and most valuable of all, memories.

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Existence of Heaven and hell

As humans live in this world, everyone has a different analogy on the goal of life. Besides, as much as people may be happy with life, everyone is kept in oblivion about what would happen to them after death. However, there are several theories that talk about how people would be after death. Moreover, there is an inherent belief that humans are destined to Heaven after death depending on personal actions and behavior of various people.

Nonetheless, existence of heaven and hell has been a contentious issue among various believers. This paper seeks to come up with an argumentative essay on the issue of the existence of heaven and hell with reference to C.S Lewis’ book The Great Divorce. The paper also seeks to analyze a case that would be used in assessing the controversial issue of heaven and hell.

Analysis of the theories behind heaven

There has been a widespread school of thought that the actions of any individual would not eventually affect his existence after death, just in case there is life after death. This idea that purports to support the issue of life and death has been associated with many scholars who have come up with various arguments on the issue supporting their sentiments. However, other scholars sought to dismiss the idea that the final destiny of every human being is predetermined by God and that there exists absolutely no possibility of any person redeeming themselves from the fate decided to them by God.

Through various mythical works, authors have presented both hell and heaven as the ultimate rewards for all the actions that an individual might undertake in their normal lifetime. Some of the essential ideals that are often held in various forms of writings such as the Great Heaven are directly translated from holy books such as the Bible. In the fictional theories of representing the imaginary experiences of the human soul after death, most researchers have created a worthy contest of the philosophy that all human beings will move to the same place after their demise.

In my own point of view, According to Lewis, heaven is presented to the humans as a place where the only factors existing are rest and vastly beneficial possibilities for those who will have their destiny there. However, the thought of heaven being a marvelous place is the direct opposite of how hell would look like. There is the representation of the hell as being comparatively or even exaggeratedly smaller than heaven (Lewis, 32).

This purposeful representation of heaven as a bigger place leads to the notion that there are more people that are worthy to be in the place. Heaven is a place of possibilities and abundance. People have more than they may demand, and there is definitely better than the physical world. Heaven is a reward for the people that have virtues. However, the reign in hell is not worthwhile since most of the people in hell have less inclinations to work towards a common rule.

This means that hell’s ideal of reign is all in the minds of the characters, hence, abstract. “Milton was right," said my Teacher. "The choice of every lost should can be expressed in the words, 'Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven.' ..... There is always something they prefer to joy --- that is, to reality." (Lewis, 41)

The depiction of the people in heaven is better compared to the one used to refer to the people from hell. Lewis creates a mental image of the people in heaven as bright and solid. This depiction makes the notion of a second life that has pervaded most of the religions real since the people in heaven are almost as real as those on earth. He notably changes how the people in hell are. They are not actual people (Lewis, 15).

They lack the solid nature and they are just spirits or phantoms. The use of the above contrasts makes heaven more appealing to the reader compared to hell. The readers choice as a theme comes out clearly in the novel. People make many choices as it is indicated in The Hill …

Who played with life all his ninety years,
Braving the sleet with bared breast,
Drinking, rioting, thinking neither of wife nor kin,
Nor gold, nor love, nor heaven?

Most of the phantoms in hell opt to remain in the small area since they have the power to choose what to do. From the Spoon River Anthology, the following excerpt has been used to describe the nature of life after death.

All, all are sleeping on the hill.
One died in shameful child-birth,
One of a thwarted love,
One at the hands of a brute in a brothel,
One of a broken pride, in the search for heart’s desire;
One after life in far-away London and Paris

Most academic resources reveal that the heaven is of more significance to the life after death since it is the final destination for all Christians. This is a contradiction to the representation of the hell in the novel since it is comparatively or even exaggeratedly smaller than heaven (Lewis, 32).

This purposeful representation of heaven as a bigger place leads to the notion that there are more people that are worthy to be in the place. Heaven is a place of possibilities and abundance. People have more than they may demand and there is definitely better than the physical world. Heaven is a reward for the people that have virtues.


In conclusion, it is essential to understand the fact that the actuality of heaven and hell are theories that many humans believe in. As much as everyone know that death is an inevitable plan that will have to take place in everyone’s life, majority of humans do not actually know how they will be after their demise.

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