7th Grade Homework Hotline St

"Our mission is to challenge each student to reach his or her full potential through a quality education program. At Gloversville Middle School, all students will be given the opportunity to develop responsibility and to acquire knowledge and skills for lifelong success. Each student will be given the choices to build a strong self concept and learn to respect individual differences in an environment that is safe, orderly, positive, and student centered. By achieving this mission we will assist students in becoming productive citizens who value learning."

 Five Promises of GMS Students:

1. Pledge your loyal cooperation to students and faculty
2. Practice Courtesy
3. Aim for higher ideals
4. Obey the school rules
5. Serve your fellow citizens

Ways to help your teen:

Eighth grade transitioning services

Transitioning out of middle school and into the high school represents a significant event in the lives of adolescents. The teachers, staff, administrators and counselors are on-hand to offer any help and guidance your child needs. Please don't hesitate to contact Miss Walag, 8th grade counselor, for any questions.

You may also find the GHS counseling page helpful.



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