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My favourite story by Oli

Posted onJune 4, 2014byceciliafourcade

My favourite fairytale is the lion and the mouse. The characters are the lion and the mouse. The mouse is very small and the lion is big. The lion and the mouse live in the jungle. The story is about … Continue reading →

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My favourite story by Rochi

Posted onJune 4, 2014byceciliafourcade

I like the movie Colorin. The characters are Ella (Cinderella), Gus, a cat and the mom of Ella. The movie is beautiful. They are in a house, in a forest and in a castle. The story is about Ella and … Continue reading →

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Writers of the week

Posted onJune 3, 2014byceciliafourcade


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My favourite story by Ambar

Posted onJune 2, 2014byceciliafourcade

My favourite folk tale is Harry Potter. The characters are Harry, Ron and Hermione. Harry looks like a wizard, Hermione is a clever girl and Ron is clever too. They live in a house but all the year, they live … Continue reading →

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My favourite story by Marcos

Posted onJune 2, 2014byceciliafourcade

My favourite story is Jack and the magic beans. The characters are Jack, his mother and the giant. Jack is small with short hair and thin. They live in a house. The story is about Jack that puts beans in … Continue reading →

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My favourite story by Joaco P.

Posted onJune 2, 2014byceciliafourcade

I like the lion and the mouse. The characters of the story are the lion and the mouse. The lion is  big, fat and bad. They live in  the forest. The  story  is about a  lion and a mouse that … Continue reading →

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My favourite story by Fran

Posted onJune 2, 2014byceciliafourcade

I like Peter Pan. The characters are Peter Pan, Capitan Hook and Tincker Bell. Peter Pan can fly and he has got a hat. Peter Pan lives in the forest. The story is about three children that go to Neverland.

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My favourite story by Vito

Posted onJune 2, 2014byceciliafourcade

I like Little Red Riding Hood. The characters are the Little Red Riding Hood, the grandmother and the wolf. The Little Red Riding Hood goes to give apples to her  grandmother. They live in the forest. The moral of the … Continue reading →

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My favourite story by Sofi

Posted onJune 2, 2014byceciliafourcade

I like the story of the Beauty and the Beast.The characters are the Beauty ,the Beast and Gaston. Beauty has a yellow dress and gloves. They live in a house and in a castle. The story is about the love. … Continue reading →

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Cinderella is the most lovely princess in the entire Disney Kingdom. Her voice is very soothing. She can befriend almost everyone she meets. Cinderella has the best personality. She was forced to be a servant and maid in her own house, but she still kept that loving and caring feature inside and continued to be loving, even though she lived in a house with wicked people. She still continued to treat them well, since she is loving. She also has a sense of humor. Cinderella was able to hope and believe for what she wants, and in the end, she got what she wanted: a handsome prince to marry her.

Cinderella proves you don't have to be born a princess to have an amazing life. She married he prince for love and she didn't even know he was the prince. She demonstrates happiness and positive attitudes even while cleaning. She has the most charming dress out of all and the beautiful glass slippers. She is always kind to her rude family and cat. She is hardworking and kind to deserve special gifts like a fairy godmother. She isn't wishing for something and being bratty about it (Ariel, Rapunzel) and her story isn't focusing on her prince (Aladdin) but she clearly is like a twin to Snow White and she is so beautiful and she never backs out on her dreams and keeps on believing and she is gentle and passionate with her animal friends. Also she doesn't make foolish choices and deals with wicked people (yeah Ariel I mean like yeah princess so back off) and just because she doesn't have a tail or the red hair or the long hair or the ice powers she is better than that

Cinderella is the most amazing princess in my opinion. She's Smart, Intelligent, Brave, and also very beautiful. With or without the rags on! I mean come on, we all know that. But also, am I the only one who thinks Cinderella didn't want a prince? Yes I know she wanted to see the prince, but didn't want him. He came up to HER. All Cinderella wanted was to be loved by not only animals, a nice man, but also her family. And also, when Cinderella said "Have you ever seen such a beautiful dress? " and, "Look, Glass slippers! " People were saying, "SHES A BIG UGLY SHOWOFF! " and I say,"WRONG! " She was just amazed at the details of her gown! Know why? Well its obvious. SHE WORE RAGS FOR ALMOST HER WHOLE LIFE. I think most people never really look into Cinderella. They just imagine her as a wimpy, showoff, no good, boring, classic princess. But that's not true. Cinderella has much more. That's why she's my favorite. You go Cinderella, You go.

Cinderella will always be my favorite princess, not because she has a beautiful outfit (dress, glass slippers) and has a great love story. Truth is, none of those things matter. Many people don't like the Cinderella fairytale because they think she's just a helpless girl waiting for a man to save her and that's a bad example for girls of this generation. But I've always believed that she teaches one to be patient. Not everything you want will come to you right away and you don't have to break the rules to get what you want. Sometimes it just takes patience and courage. No matter how hard your problems may be, just do the things that you have to do today and take it one step at a time. And if you're grieving or if someone hurts you remember to still be kind. That's what Cinderella has always taught me.

Many people say Cinderella does not aid her own rescue. Well, she does more than her prince. When she is locked in her room unable to go try on the slipper, her mice pals try to retrieve the key. However, Lucifer steals the key back. Cinderella saves herself by forming a plan. She sends the birds to fetch Bruno the dog, knowing that Bruno can chase Lucifer away so that the mice can get the key. Without her clever thinking she would have never gotten free. She did more to save herself than her stupid prince. What did he do? Make his butler try shoes on people. Some hero! Cinderella rescued herself with innovation and quick thinking. Plus, Cindy is kind, sweet and pure. She is creative confident and funny. And super pretty.

I love Cinderella because she's sweet to the people who hates and abusive to her. People say she's weak but she's very strong and brave. Emotional strength is more powerful than physical strength. She didn't want prince charming he wanted her. She saved herself by forming a plan to get out of the room. I wish I was like cindy. My stepmother was abusive to me and made me her maid and I turned out with a cold heart and refuse to trust people. She went through hell and back and yet still was sweet and nice. She's beautiful, a great singer, nice, honest, smart, brave and overall a great person with a beautiful mind and soul. She has a great message, no matter hard life is you should nevergive up on your dreams and to stay positive and good things will happen to good people.

Cinderella is so confident and doesn't care that she gets teased by her step sisters. She sings beautifully while cleaning the house and has cute little mice friends and my personal favorite is Gus Gus. Also Cinderella has a sweet fairy Godmother who helped her when her dress was torn and she didn't have a carriage to take her to the ball. Cinderella is lucky because she has small feet unlike her step sisters who have HUGE ones. Cinderella is a lucky princess.

After having forced to work for her cruel stepsisters and stepmother, she still keeps on a positive attitude. Cinderella will always be the best! And what's more, after she married and he prince, she still invited her stepfamily to live with her in the castle despite how cruel they treated her. How many princesses in the WORLD would do such a generous thing? Wake up people! Cinderella is definitely the best and the ONLY BEST princess there could be.

Everybody lately has been so obsessed with Elsa and I love her to but Cinderella will always be my favorite because she shows no matter how much life pushes you down you should never lose sight of yourself and your dreams.

She lost both her parents and was forced to become a servant in her own house all because of jealousy. Which also shows how strong a person she is if you can somehow be nice to the people that hate and envy you then your truly beautiful.
Also she nice to animals I mean I'm terrified of mouses but she's not.

Plus she cleans up really nice if you didn't notice.

Cinderella has always been my favourite my reasons are that one she is kind hearted two she is loyal and honest three she believes in true love and finally some may describe her as a dumb blonde but I think that she is a strong independent woman who believes in things that they actually may come true. I think the moral of her personality is to always be live you can achieve it and it may come true.

I think Cinderella should be number one. I mean ariel made a wish to be human. Her parents loves her but she did not show it. Cinderella's parents did not love her. Cinderella thought about what she was doing. Ariel did not think before she acted. She just went to see Ursula. Ariel did not listen to her heart in the bringing. Cinderella beloved and listened to her heart throughout the whole movie. I think Ariel should be number 4

I have no idea why Cinderella is 7. She is the BEST. Ask the kids and adults. My 3 year old loves her! She's the bravest, and hardest working next to Tiana. She has true Charity which is near impossible to find in humans nowdays. The pain, abuse, neglect, loss and torture she had to endure while keeping a positive attitude and kind heart Proves how amazing and strong she is. The story deserved some magic! There is magic and miracles in this world. I'm glad some still believe, and my children can watch this beautiful movie and believe...

She's strong willed yet kind. She knows what her heart wants and, when she loves, she loves with all her heart. She has gone through so many bad events and, yet, manages to stay positive. Cinderella proves that good things will eventually happen to good people.

Cinderella always reminded me of any hard working woman stuck in a terrible job. Think about it; The stemp mother is the evil boss always telling her work isn't good enough and the step sisters are the never satisfied customers. Of course Cinderella wants to leave, but she has no where else to go (and this was worse back in her era where the story took place). Despite this, she keeps optimistic a chance will come and when it does, she jumps at it and does everything in her power to grab hold of it.

Okay, WHY IS ARIEL ALMOST 1? She acted like a brat and she was mean to her parents! Cinderella on the other hand is beautiful, caring, and truly popular. Wanna know another fact about her? Her castle is in the Disney logo and she is the first Disney princess to be in a princess movie ever! She's my favorite and I think she should be on top!

Cinderella is truly amazing. I always looked up to her ever since I was a little child, she's helped me through my darkest times to be honest. Also, she's unbelievably BEAUTIFUL, prettiest Disney princess in my opinion. I really wish Cindy was real.. I love her so much, sometimes I cry watching her movies because they remind me of how inspiring she is

Belle, Mulan, and Rapunzel are my favorites but seriously people need to lay off of the classic princesses. Cinderella had hope no matter what she went through. She remained emotionally strong throughout the whole movie. And Snow White is seen as weak and to girly. That girl kept a cheerful attitude and her mother literally wanted her dead.

She used to be the number one princess of all time and to be honest I really have no idea what the heck happened to her. I think maybe because ever since Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, Sofia (Even though she isn't considered a disney princess) and the upcoming Anna and Elsa from Frozen were released little girls had left her behind and started to pay more attention to them instead

Cinderella is not my favorite. Kind of strange, she's a maid, and works with mice. Plus, she just danced with Prince Charming ONCE I repeat ONCE, and all of a sudden he's in love with her. They haven't even had dinner together! Cinderella is just not the best. It's also not fair that just because her foot fits the stupid slipper, she gets to be a princess, just like that. She's not funny, she only sings daily, and plays with nasty mice.

ICONIC. She helped create Disney's image. You know that castle you see at the start of every Disney movie? Yeah, that's from Cinderella. Without her Disney would have gone broke and none of these other princesses would exist. Look it up, it's a fact.

Well she did clean and slave for her step-mother and step-sisters. So I give her props for that and having to live in that old dusty attic. Though couldn't she have just run away or snuck out if she wanted to leave? Also you can't fall in love after just one dance! All this madness was just because of a shoe!

Cinderlla is very nice. She is very kind to animals and however her stepsister and stepmother are rude towards her, she doesn't show rudeness to them. She does do all the things for them and they don't show any kindness to her. I really loved her because beautiful, lovely, intelligent etc.. I loved her in her hair style and her accessories and also her big lovely blue gown and her glass slippers. She is my favorite princess.

She never once complained or said "I want a prince to come rescue me" and she didn't wait for the prince to come to her. She went to the ball and got him. After all the bad things that happened to her, she remained kind and gentle to everyone.

Cinderella is EPIC! She has a beautiful singing voice, she didn't start out as a princess, she has a fairy godmother... She's the ultimate Disney Princess! How could she NOT be the best Disney Princess?!? She can't!

Cinderella is known better than any other princess. Many people grew up with the fairy tale of Cinderella. I have not met one person who did not know who Cinderella was. Most people are more familiar with Cinderella than any other fairy tale.


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