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1 Writing the Introduction and the Thesis Statement Career Research Paper Widefield High School 2014

2  An introduction has two functions in an essay 1. It contains a thesis statement and therefore tells the reader what central idea will be developed in the rest of the paper. Since the reader should be able to spot the thesis easily, it should be given a prominent placement---for our purposes, it will be the last sentence in the introduction. The Introduction

3 2. The second function of the introduction is to interest the reader enough that he or she will continue reading the paper. The Introduction

4 Basic Methods to Begin an Essay Begin with a general idea and then narrow it to a specific thesis. The general idea gives the reader some background information or sets the scene. Then the topic narrows to one specific idea—the thesis statement. This effect is like a funnel; it goes from wide to narrow.

5 Basic Methods to Begin an Essay Begin with an illustration. One or more brief illustrations in the introduction of an essay make the thesis statement more concrete or vivid.

6 Basic Methods to Begin an Essay Begin with a surprising fact or idea. A surprising fact or idea arouses the reader’s curiosity about how you will support this initial startling statement.

7 Begin with a contradiction. In this type of introduction, your thesis statement contradicts what many or most people believe. In other words, your essay will contrast your opinion with widely held views. Basic Methods to Begin an Essay

8 Begin with a direct quotation. A direct quotation is likely to catch your reader’s attention and shows you have explored what others have to say about the subject. You can then proceed to agree or disagree with the direct quotation. Basic Methods to Begin an Essay

9 Definitions, comparisons, and any other kinds of devices also make good introductions. Make certain your reader knows exactly which sentence serves as your thesis statement. Basic Methods to Begin an Essay

10  Functions as the purpose for your writing.  Reveals your point of view.  Leads your reader into the first topic or point. The Thesis Statement: Purpose

11  Create a thesis by develop a controlling idea.  A controlling idea is a sentence or two that you write for yourself to explain what you want the essay to accomplish. The Thesis Statement: Getting Started

12  Decide on a purpose for your essay.  Example: I want to explain how becoming an electrical engineer will benefit me, my family, and the community.  Think about what angle of your topic you would like to explore.  Example:  Job Duties/Expectations  Personal Growth for the Future  Income and Benefits  Education/Experiences  Jot down a sentence that summarizes what you want to say. This is your controlling idea.  Example: I will write about how the education and experiences I gain from becoming an electrical engineering will make the world a better place. Controlling Ideas: Let’s Practice

13 Your Turn Now that you have a controlling idea, you can focus it to create your thesis statement. The thesis statement should be more polished than your controlling idea. It should contain at least three main points you will explore in the essay.

14 Come up with five to seven ideas that support your main controlling idea. Jot them down. Can you group ideas that are similar? If so, do it now. Creating the Thesis---Brainstorm

15  Narrow down those ideas to reflect three points you would like to explore in the essay. Remember to keep the original question in mind as you write the thesis. How are you going to incorporate the question with the ideas you have generated? Creating the Thesis—Narrow it down

16 Write three possible thesis statements for your paper. You will turn these in for credit. You can change your mind or revise your thesis statements later if these three do not work, but you MUST have a thesis to drive your paper. Creating the Thesis—the final product


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