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Your cover letter is often the first thing a prospective employer will see. This means it’s your first chance to attract a hiring manager’s attention—and your first chance to make a mistake that could get your resume discarded. To increase your chances of success, check out our administrative coordinator cover letter example and the suggestions below.

  • Do emphasize your most relevant expertise and attributes. In our example letter, the writer mentioned her proficiency with scheduling and inventory, as well as her passion for non-profit work. Which of your traits and skills make you a great fit for the job you’re trying to get?
  • Don’t repeat things from your resume. A resume doesn’t lend itself to rich explanations, but a cover letter is perfect for going into greater depth about the specifics of your experience.
  • Do tailor your cover letter to each individual opportunity. The letter writer below discussed her enthusiasm for United Way’s mission as a way to show her genuine interest in the position.
  • Don’t get too wild with the format or content. You want to stand out for your positive qualities, not your lack of professionalism.

Administrative Coordinator Advice

Administrative coordinators are in charge of administrative support, budget management, and supervising staff, and lots more. The cover letter examples highlight what employers are looking for in an administrative coordinator role. Improve your own cover letter by using the cover letter examples below as a guide in creating your own cover letter. Select one of the templates below to get started and take your career to the next level sooner.

Cover Letter Tips for Administrative Coordinator

Here are five tips to creating a very effective cover letter:

1. Bring out your BestMany people have trouble talking about themselves. But the interview process and job search is where you want to be outspoken. You want to let people know you are searching for a job. Get your cover letter out to as many people as possible until you hear the words, your hired. If you don’t have a job, finding a job is your job.

2. Don’t wander. Don’t leave any doubt in your cover letter what it is you are looking for. The hiring manager doesn’t have time to waste.

3. Keep your cover letter simple. Many job applicants think they have to fill their cover letter with lots of details. The hiring manager doesn’t have time to sort through lots of words. Give them just the details, but do it in a way that highlights your character.

4. Why Hire you?Ask yourself these two questions: What is your strongest asset? What is your weakest asset? In other words, what are you good at and what are you weak at? If you can answer that, you will impress your boss.

5. Spellcheck and GrammerAlways check your cover letter for spelling and grammar mistakes. It makes you look bad when you turn in a cover letter with lots of spelling mistakes and broken up sentences. The boss measures you by your communication skills.

Administrative Coordinator Job Seeking Tips

When you are trying to find a job as a Administrative Coordinator you can focus your job search and make it more effective by adding some simple steps. Here are five tips to help you create a more goal-oriented job search.

1. Talk to Friends and NeighborsIf you are looking for a job, tell people. You never know who is looking to hire or who knows someone who knows someone that needs help. Get the word out and you will increase your chances of getting a job. Having lots of people helping you will make it that much easier.

2. Improve yourselfEmployers like to hear when someone is trying to improve themselves or take business classes.

3. Where are you Going?When you wake up in the morning, what is your plan? Have an effective day.

4. What Do They Do? You’ve got the job interview. Now, do you know what the company does? Could you explain it to the boss? Be prepared and informed to know what the company you are interviewing with actually does.

5. Mock InterviewHave a friend or family member interview you so you can get some practice and know what to say.

This cover letter sample is written by Martin Buckland, Resume Expert for

Suzy Smith

1255 Ottawa Avenue                                                          

Ottawa, Ontario ­ L1L 1L1                                             

H: (519) 234-5555


July 3, 201X


Marjorie Majors, Owner

Ottawa Dental Associates

9898 Yonge Street

Ottawa, Ontario L2L 2L2


Dear Ms. Majors:


Are you interested in hiring a loyal, task and detail-oriented professional, renowned among patients as trustworthy and dependable, generating patient loyalty for the practice? If so, then may we meet to further discuss the value-add I will bring to the position of Office Coordinator and Patient Administrator? I have attached my resume for your review.


I excel in workflow management, am an active contributor and team player, and am ignited by a challenge. Supporting the business and alleviating Senior Management of the daily operational responsibilities, allowing the dental professionals to focus solely on their areas of expertise, are my fortes!


Though content in my current position at Community Dental Care, I am seeking a new opportunity where I can make a larger contribution to the bottom-line. My initiative and creativity have generated significant savings to my employer including:

⇒ Achieved a $6,000 payroll reduction by accessing a government wage subsidy program.

⇒ Recouped 100% of a Worker’s Compensation Claim totalling $1700.


I am anxious to provide your firm with similar results, as I understand the criteria to run a profitable practice management operation! In short, I know I have the necessary combination of skills and experience to succeed in the position of Office Coordinator and Patient Administrator with Ottawa Dental Associates and provide measurable results. 


Thank you for your time and consideration. I await your call.



Suzy Smith

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